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As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Boerne, San Antonio, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bandera, Medina, , and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.


Impeccable, thorough, and knowledgeable service in every realm. Janette took me in as a first-time home buyer and gave me the proper education to make the most beneficial decision I've ever made financially. I felt confident with her advisement that I would find what I was looking for. With her assistance and expertise I was encouraged to ask specific questions to Sales Persons and builders during my home search that I would've otherwise never known were necessary or valid to ask. I had huge expectations and was extremely picky and she was not frustrated, she instead took her time and delivered far beyond my expectations. Janette spent long hours with me driving around the city, on the phone, FaceTime, iMessage, and e-mail even though she had an already busy schedule. She made us feel like a priority, always. I will refer her to anyone I know in this area and surrounding areas because she's just that great.

Troy L.

From start to finish, Janette Springer was 100% dedicated to helping me find and close on the home of my dreams. She is always eager, motivated and willing to go to great lengths to ensure that I was always protected. Her attention to detail was unparalleled as was her dedication to seeing me close on my home. She always had time to communicate with me during every step of the process and even when things got a little rough, her negotiating skills and trustworthiness shined through. Any real estate needs I have in the future will definitely include Janette Springer as my agent!


We couldn't have asked for a better agent with which to work! Janette listened to our needs and was proactive with listings that met that criteria. She was very flexible and always seemed to be available to work around our schedule. Even though I work in the Real Estate Industry Janette, offered insight and perspective I simply didn't have. We always felt she had our interest at heart. I will recommend her to all my friends!

Ken P.

Janette is by FAR the best Realtor we have ever had. She works for the best of everything for her clients! She is OUTSTANDING in knowing her clients (the family) and matching our needs to homes she searches for us. Throughout this process, she has been nothing but the BEST. She never rushed us to buy, always giving the best details for us to come to the best conclusion on each home we visited. Janette is just not a realtor, she really does CARE. For this we will always be grateful. We were super BLESSED to have chosen Janette to guide us through finding a GREAT home.

Mrs A.

Janette wants to help her clients get what THEY want, not what she wants. She is open to new ideas and ways to approach any circumstance, and if she doesn't know the answers to your questions she will work tirelessly to find them. Janette is not pushy AT ALL, however, she does not let the grass grow under a deal that is made for you. Best of all, Janette's integrity and professionalism are apparent in every situation as her love for Jesus permeates every aspect of her life, including being your agent! Call her, you will be glad you did :)

V F.

If you want your dream house, this is the LADY YOU WANT LEADING YOUR TEAM. Trust us, there is so much you have to know & do there is NO WAY WE COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT HER and you DON’T want to lead the team. Janette knew we only had 3 days to look at & pick a house (we’re from out of state). She had a multitude of houses lined up when we got there. Saw everything in 2 days. She worked so much harder then we did. She really knows her job. She didn’t tell us but we know she constantly rearranged her schedule to accommodate the inspection people we hired and there is a 2 hour difference between us and her. Unfortunately, we picked a bad lender. THANK GOD FOR THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN! She has jumped through hoops, held them accountable, caught EVERY MISTAKE and more importantly FOLLOWED THROUGH WHERE OTHERS HAVE NOT! There is SO MUCH SHE TOLD, SHOWED and TAUGHT US about this process. She has never once complained about our late night calls (we forget often about the time difference) and if she didn’t have the answers, she found them! IF IT WAS NOT FOR HER DEDICATION, WE WOULD HAVE LOST THE HOUSE OF OUR DREAMS. SHE IS AMAZING! If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, IN YOUR CORNER REALTOR, YOU FOUND HER. Don’t go to anyone else. SHE IS NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE COMMISSION, SHE IS WORRIED ABOUT MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE HONESTLY! THANK YOU SO MUCH JANETTE and we thank her family for letting us take so much of her time. YOU REALLY NEED TO GO WITH HER, YOU WON’T REGRET IT EVER!

Mo A.

Janette did fantastic job working with us in building our new home. Very professional, caring, and consistent unfollowing up and keeping us posted. Highly recommended.

Leah H.

Janette was very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of buying and selling houses. She is very patient when asked a multitude of questions and always responded in a timely manner with an answer.

Todd S.

This is the second time we have worked with Janette. She is always very responsive and accommodating. Janette makes the whole process much easier from start to finish and she is the only realtor we will work with in San Antonio.

Yasmine B.

Janette was hands down the most professional, reliable, and motivated realtor I've ever met. She was able to accommodate all of my picky needs and find us the perfect home. She was informative, firm yet approachable, and made herself available every time I needed her. She even gave us tips after we closed as to how to care for certain things in our home. She treated us out to lunch several times, she's just an overall sweet individual. I would recommend her with the highest esteem.

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